Ensaios (Antropologia Cultural, Simbólica e Visual)
Abstract: From theoretical references of classical humanism, notions of contemporary psychology about the concept of identity and contemporary philosophical conceptions which interpret postmodernity as a historical condition, in this essay I propose to analyze influences of the essential aspects of the postmodern condition on the development and the dynamics of the ‘Self’.
Abstract: This essay consists of a preliminary study of the possibilities for a more sustainable coexistence between humans and other living beings through the granting of relations of interdependence in which the notions of Cinestetic Communication and Expanded Cinestetic Communication establish the principles of these relations.
This essay constitutes a preamble, a “theoretical walk” with the aim to investigate some perspectives of historical constructions of the human image from classical and contemporary conceptions of philosophy and anthropology.
Abstract: From a brief essay that I developed in 2016, entitled “Meanings of Existence - Language, Culture and Social Transformation”, the idea arose to expand the reflection on the “aspects of writing”, by understanding that the history of the origin and the evolution of writing, as a universal human language, can provide new fundamental theoretical elements to broaden the understanding of the interdependence between aspects of language, culture and social structure of different human groups.
Abstract: Based on an analysis of the effects of racism on Brazilian socio-cultural reality, this essay proposes a theoretical incursion willing understand how the dynamics of culture can promote the human differentiation and influence the constitution and the transformations of ethos and societies. The concept of "mutual incorporation" was developed here in order to represent the fundamental aspect of this phenomenon.  ​​​​​​​
Abstract: This essay represents a theoretical effort to increase the understanding about how relations between culture and language can influence the social development.
Abstract: Through this essay, I try to understand some aspects of the modes of symbolic appropriation and representation that may influence the process of human’s individual identity constitution in different historical and socio-cultural contexts. The notion of 'symbolic interlacements' is proposed and developed here by representing a key feature of this process, as exemplified within the text.

Abstract: This essay constitutes a theoretical exercise with the aim to understand some characteristics of a mediatic and socio-cultural phenomenon that can promote and influence the constitution and dissemination of the person’s public identity in the contemporary western democratic societies. For this, based on conceptual references of Sociology, Political Science and Philosophy, and with the perspective of these western societies where representative democracy is ruling, the analyzes seeks to show how certain conditions are established and interrelated in these societies so this phenomenon which I propose to call "political phantasmagory" may occur — and possible variations of its occurrence. Keywords: Media, Symbolic Interactionism, Politics, Representation, Phantasmagory.
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