A conceptual external memory dock for computers in the form of a friendly object holder.

Humanoid™ serves as expandable memory dock for SD Cards (Secure Digital Card) and connects to any computer, smartphone, smart TV or smart device via Wifi, bluetooth or USB cable.
The friendly appearence proposes that besides its practical functions, the object is also a sympatic companion with a post-human appeal. Some joints at specific places make it possible to switch its pose.
The memory capacity is expandable by just replacing the SD Cards. Each Humanoid™ has 3 SD Card slots located on the back. The hardware and software can be frequently updated to support the chips capacity expansion and to be compatible with the contemporary versions of Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows and other systems.
The blue led of the eyes remains lit to indicate that the SD Cards are online and accessible, and blinks to indicate that the artificial memory is being accessed when the cards are being read.
The choice of main materials are ecological: Bamboo (grows fast and can be easily replanted) with Aluminum (100% reciclable) — and alludes to different stages of the technological development of humanity. Furthermore, the variability of the organic bamboo textures allows each Humanoid™ to be unique.

(Humanoid™ consists of a personal project, developed in order to improve design techniques.)

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